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Syncing Issue: Domain Name

Having trouble syncing your WooCommerce store to your Oliver POS Web Register? It might be an issue with your domain name. Here's how to fix it.

Sometimes we face the issue where our clients sign up for Oliver POS and go to the web register only to find it entirely blank with no data being synced over from WooCommerce. We found one reason which is causing this issue often is the domain name.

A domain name should be accessible from any browser. This is true for humans as well as web applications. If a domain address is not accessible via a browser, it will not be accessible by a web application, and thus our plugin won’t be able to communicate with your Woo Commerce site and sync the data over to the POS.

Let’s consider a simple example. We try to view a webpage from our browser and get a pop up asking for our login credentials. But we don’t have any login credentials, and so we won’t be able to view the webpage.  

This is the same thing that happens when Oliver POS tries to communicate with that domain name in the background.

So, when you are signing up for Oliver POS, always remember to use the domain name of your website, which is accessible by all. This will allow all of us to have a smooth transition to get you onboard for Oliver POS.