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Installing the Oliver POS Bridge

Get started with Oliver POS in a few easy steps. Search for us in your WordPress Plugin Database, and install the Oliver POS Bridge for your WooCommerce Store.

The First Step to set up Oliver POS in your WooCommerce Store is setting up the Oliver POS Bridge.  

To Download the Oliver POS Bridge for WooCommerce, while logged into your WordPress Website, Add a New Plugin from the Plugin Database by searching for "Oliver POS." 

Install the Bridge by Selecting "Install Now."

Next, select Activate to Activate the Plugin.  Once Activated, The Oliver POS Bridge will open in the WP Window.  Click on the button "Connect to Oliver" to Connect your Bridge to your WebShop. It will open a new window with the registration form.

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Fill out the form with the details and click on the "Show me the owl magic" button. Oliver POS will then start syncing with the shop. The sync process won't take long! 

After the synching process, the user can launch the Web register to start selling right away or go to Oliver Hub to set up the shop, which is recommended by us. 

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Now you're ready to get selling with Oliver POS.

For any other questions, contact us through our Live Chat or Support Ticket. Happy Selling!