How Do I Use Oliver Mobile?

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use Oliver POS's new Mobile View. It's easy!

Installing the plugin on your mobile browser is the same as on your desktop, so if you're looking for a guide on this step, click here.

Moving on to our Mobile View Register! Once you've opened your WooCommerce shop on your mobile browser and connected the Oliver Bridge, you should have the option to open your Register or Oliver Hub. Tap on Open Web Register, and open up your shop.

Oliver POS Register

The interface for Oliver Mobile is slightly different from the desktop interface. As you can see, the products are in a list format. Above the products is a row with a search function, where you can search for products, and tiles where you can add custom categories and attributes to organize your products the way you like.

oliver mobile         

Tap on a product to add it to the cart. It will bring you to the product page, where you have the option to adjust the quantity, or select size and color if applicable.

 oliver mobile product


To add a custom fee or give a discount before checking out, select the second menu item. 

oliver mobile discount

Here, you can select the amount to add on or discount from the total.

oliver mobile add fee

Next, we have the checkout.

oliver mobile checkout

It displays the product information, the subtotal, the tax, and the discount if applicable. 


Once you tap on 'Checkout', your payment options appear. Once your payment is complete, you can choose to e-mail the receipt to your customer. Then, tap 'New Sale' to return to the register.

oliver mobile sale

To add a customer to a sale, just tap on the person icon on the menu. 

oliver mobile customer

This will bring you to your customer list, where you can view the customer information as well as add them to the sale. Click on their name to see their information, or select the circle by their name to add them to the sale.




To view any extensions you have integrated with Oliver POS, just tap on the final item on the menu that looks like a puzzle piece.

oliver pos extensions

For more options, you can tap on the list item in the upper left corner.

oliver mobile oliver pos

This will bring you to another menu, where you can select 'Register', 'Activity View', 'Customer View', 'Settings' and 'Log Out'

oliver pos menu


For further demonstration, check out the video below of a full transaction on Oliver Mobile. Watch on full screen for the best view!