How do I get started with Cash Management?

How to get started with cash management on Oliver POS.

Before you can enjoy Cash Management, you must be a Basic or Pro Oliver POS user. Click here to learn how to upgrade your account!

To enable Cash Management, go into your WordPress site and launch Oliver POS. Once in Oliver Hub, select 'Settings' on the main menu, then select 'Register.' Select the register on which you wish to enable cash management by clicking on the name. Under your chosen register, select 'Details' from the side menu. At the bottom of this section, you should see an option to 'Enable Cash Management.' Select the dropdown, and choose 'yes.' Don't forget to hit 'Submit' once you're done! 

Check out this video to see how it is done. 



Now, let's launch your POS register to get started with Cash Management. After enabling the cash management, you will be prompted to open your shop once you launch your register. Enter the amount of cash you have in your cash drawer, and under 'Notes' enter any additional information such as who opened the shop, where the money for the opening float came from, or any other details you want. Then hit 'Open Register.'


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You can now begin selling as usual.


When you're ready to close for the day, hit the menu button in the upper left corner. Then select 'Close Register' at the bottom of the menu.

Enter the amount of cash you have left in your cash drawer. Your POS should tell you the expected amount of cash, and the difference between the expected amount and the actual amount.

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To keep track of cash flow while you're selling, select "Cash Drawer" in the side menu. You will see your initial float, all of the cash transactions coming into your register, along with the time of the transactions, and the employee who rang in the transaction. You should also see the expected amount of cash in your cash drawer after every sale.

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