How can the 'Tiles' feature simplify your sales?

The Tiles feature on your Web Register lets you sort and filter products to find them quickly. Sort your products by attributes, categories, or individual items.

Tiles make it easier for users to sell products on their Web Register. A user having many products can pre-sort and pre-filter their products so as to find the products more quickly. These can be products that are fast/ regular sellers. For example, jerseys can be sold in high demand before a certain match and a jersey tile can be added directly to the Web Register home page.
Tiles can be added for individual Items, Attributes (such as green colour, or medium size, etc.), or even categories or subcategories (such as Tops, bottoms, jeans, shoes, or t-shirts, etc.)
In the GIF below, we are adding a Category Tile called "Tops" to make it easier for us to see all the tops available in our shop. If we select "Tops", all the products that have tops are filtered and shown to us: