How can I customize taxes in the Web Register?

Customize your tax rates with Oliver POS. Your default tax rate can be changed in the Web Register or in your WooCommerce Tax Settings.

With Oliver POS users have maximum flexibility with taxes. You can add multiple tax rates through WooCommerce in the Tax Settings.

In the Web Register homepage, if you click "Taxes" you will see a default button. The default tax is the tax rate which matches the country code and province code of the shop location with the country code and province code in the WooCommerce settings. If the default tax button is switched off then you can customize your tax by selecting the tax rates that apply to you.
Users can also click "edit taxes" to select which tax options to be displayed in the web register.
See the GIF below to see how to add and customize multiple tax rates to your Web Register. Here the default tax rate is 15% ( 10% HST + 5% GST set as priority 1 and Priority 2 in Woo Commerce):