Adding a new staff member and assigning different roles

As your business grows, add new staff members and delegate work among your staff. Here's how to give each staff member a unique PIN and assign different roles with Oliver POS.

Let’s take a look at how we can set up new staff members with a unique PIN, and how to give them different access in Hub and Register.


Adding new staff members

In Oliver Hub, on the top menu, there is a Settings tab. Click on it and go to the staff page. Oliver Hub Dashboard Settings Tab


Oliver Hub Staff List


To add a new staff member, simply select Add New at the top right-hand corner of the page.

Then you will be invited to set up the new employee. The unique employee ID will separate the accounts of each staff member. This is the number that they will require every time they need to log in to the register. The report will generate the activity of each staff member under their name.oliver hub add new staff

Next, fill out the Enter Details section. Here, you can choose the Role of the new Employee, which will dictate their access to Hub and Register.

oliver hub add new staff 2

Next, select which locations and registers the new staff member will have access to.

oliver hub add new staff 3

Finally, you can review all the data you've input, and save and update.

add new staff 4

Editing details of an existing staff member

Details of a current staff member can be edited at any time by going to the staff page of Oliver Hub. Once you’ve selected the staff page, you will see a list of all your staff. 

Click on the staff member’s name to see their information. You will be brought to the staff member’s Dashboard, where their total sales, order, revenue, and more, can be found.

Oliver Hub Staff Dashboard

To edit their details, select Details from the side menu.

Oliver Hub Staff Details

Here, you can edit their Employee ID, first and last name, email address, as well as their role. 


Oliver POS comes with three default roles for staff members. They are:

  • Admin
  • Shop Manager
  • Cashier 

Only the role ‘admin’ comes with all the access enabled. Admin of the shop then can go in and make necessary changes. There are two different access settings, one for the dashboard and reports in Oliver Hub, and the other for web register. To learn how to manage Roles, keep reading.

Oliver Hub Staff Access

If you select Access, you will have the option of allowing them access to specific registers. Just select what registers you want this staff to have access to.

Finally, select Pin & Password to change either PIN number or Password.

Oliver Hub Staff Password and Pin


Editing Roles

To manage or edit Roles, go back to the Settings tab at the main menu. It will bring you to a side menu. Select Roles. Here, you can select which roles get access to different aspects of Hub and Register, as well as adding new roles.
Settings Roles