Which Payment Processors do you Integrate with?

Which Payment Processors do you Integrate with?

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    • Do I have to use Integrated payments?

      No, you don’t have to!  You can accept unintegrated credit card payments with Oliver. You’ll just need to enter the transaction amount on the Payment Terminal as payments won’t automatically be pushed from Oliver POS to the Payment Terminal.
    • What hardware do I need to get started with Oliver POS?

      To get started, all you need is a device with a browser and an internet connection.  If you have a specific piece of hardware you’d like to integrate, contact us via support@oliverpos.com.
    • Does Oliver POS support third-party printers?

      Yes! Oliver POS has been tested with many Third Party Printers. If you’ve got a specific printer you need us to integrate with, please contact support@oliverpos.com.
    • Does Oliver POS work without WooCommerce?

      Better question: Why would you want to use anything but WooCommerce? But more seriously, no, we currently only support the e-commerce platform. This is because we’ve built Oliver POS to integrate deeply into your WooCommerce shop, letting us provide ...
    • Can I print receipts with Oliver POS?

      Yes! For folks using either the Oliver Combo or the Oliver Go, there is an integrated receipt printer in the terminal that automatically prints following checkout. For other Point of Sale setups, as long as you have a connected printer it will be ...