How to change the receipt size of my register at Oliver POS?

How to change the receipt size of my register at Oliver POS?

To change the receipt size, on the Oliver HUB, click on Settings and select Registers. Once in the Registers page, select a register. Under the Details tab, find the option for Receipt Size. From here, the size of the receipt can be adjusted.
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    • What types of receipt sizes does Oliver POS support?

      Oliver POS supports 4 different types of receipt sizes. They are: - Letter Head - A4 - 52mm -80mm
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      To get started with your Oliver POS Bridge from within your demo shop, simply click "I'm ready to connect my store to Oliver POS". A new tab will open to walk you through the process. Log into your Wordpress website and Add a New Plugin from the ...
    • Can I print receipts with Oliver POS?

      Yes! For folks using either the Oliver Combo or the Oliver Go, there is an integrated receipt printer in the terminal that automatically prints following checkout. For other Point of Sale setups, as long as you have a connected printer it will be ...
    • Can I use a cash drawer with Oliver POS for windows?

      Yes, Oliver POS users can use a cash drawer that needs to be set up with the receipt printer through Windows settings. The cash drawer will open automatically after each transaction when the receipt generated by the Web Register is printed through a ...
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      Yes! The Oliver Combo and The Oliver Mini are fully compatible with most cash drawers with standard connections (RJ45). For people not using one of the Oliver POS point of sale terminals, Oliver POS is compatible with cash drawers when combined with ...