How does Oliver POS handle WooCommerce customers?

How does Oliver POS handle WooCommerce customers?

Oliver POS syncs WooCommerce Users information from the shops User database, and allows customers present in the User database to be added to sales. Also, when Users are added to Oliver POS’s Customer Database, their WooCommerce Users are generated for their email addresses for addition to Mailing Lists, etc.

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    • How does Oliver POS handle WooCommerce orders?

      Oliver POS Syncs orders via the WooCommerce Bridge.  When an Order is processed in Oliver POS, the order is simultaneously sent to WooCommerce.  Likewise, all orders processed online are also sent to the POS and are available in Activity View for ...
    • How does Oliver POS handle WooCommerce Products?

      Oliver POS loads in data from your standard WooCommerce Product Information. Oliver POS supports Simple Products,  Variable Products, and their Variations. Products are synced on loading the Bridge, and are then in constant communication.
    • How does Oliver POS handle WooCommerce Product Inventory?

      Oliver POS loads in Product Inventory of Simple and Variable Products from Products with Stock Managed in WooCommerce.  When products are sold via online or In-store sales, both systems know the new stock level through their constant link together.   ...
    • How does Oliver POS integrate with WooCommerce?

      Oliver POS Integrates with WooCommerce by Installing a “Bridge” Plugin on your WordPress Website which creates a shared database between Oliver POS and your WooCommerce Data.  This link syncs Products, Inventory, Orders, Users, Settings + more from ...
    • What does ‘Your Connection is not Private’ mean?

      If you're receiving the message "your connection is not private" on your browser, or "error code received" on WordPress, you might need an SSL Certificate. Currently, Oliver POS does not support sites without an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate is ...