How does Oliver POS handle WooCommerce taxes?

How does Oliver POS handle WooCommerce taxes?

Oliver POS loads the WooCommerce Tax Tables, and applies Tax Rates based on Shop Address. 

If you have a Pro Plan,  you can also apply custom tax rates by clicking on the tax section at the checkout.  Multiple Tax Rates can also be selected at once for custom compounding tax.

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    • How is the Default Tax Rate set up in Oliver POS?

      The default tax is the tax rate that you set up in the tax table of WooCommerce with your shop’s base address. Oliver POS looks at the Country code and the State code to match the base shop address with the tax table. Example: If you live in Ontario ...
    • Can the tax settings of a tax-inclusive shop be edited?

      No, you cannot edit the tax rates of a tax-inclusive shop from the quick tax settings menu of Oliver POS. A tax-inclusive shop has the tax included in the price of the products. Oliver POS gets all the price of the products which already include the ...