Can I attach my scanner with your hardware?

Can I attach my scanner with your hardware?

Yes, you can attach your barcode scanner with our Oliver Pro and Oliver Mini.
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    • What hardware do I need to get started with Oliver POS?

      To get started, all you need is a device with a browser and an internet connection.  If you have a specific piece of hardware you’d like to integrate, contact us via
    • All my products have barcodes. Will that work with Oliver POS?

      Yes! As long as you have a barcode scanner and your products have a valid barcode reference in your WooCommerce shop, you will be able to search products using their barcodes in Oliver. 
    • Is there a web/desktop version of Oliver POS?

      Yes! It is accessible through Our web register is one of the most popular ways for our customers to use the POS. Having a web register also allows us to support a wide variety of hardware options.
    • What would be required to use the Oliver POS plugin?

      Oliver POS is designed to work specifically as a WooCommerce Point of Sale. So, you’ll need access to a wordpress site with WooCommerce. Products, orders, and customers (along with a series of other datasets) are synced into Oliver POS automatically. ...