Are Integrated Payments Secure?

Are Integrated Payments Secure?

Absolutely! Oliver POS and its Integrated Payments Solutions are 100% Secure.  

Oliver POS simply passes the transaction amount to the terminal, where the Terminal and your Provider take care of the transaction.  The terminal then lets Oliver POS know that the transaction is complete, and the payment is considered complete through Oliver POS.  Your provider and terminal handle the credit card information, we just push the values back and forth.  It’s simple, safe, and secure!
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    • Can I split payments using Oliver POS?

      Yes, split payments can be done using Oliver POS. Multiple payment methods can be used in a single transaction to make sure customers can pay however they want.  The split option is located at the top right-hand corner of the payment  page. See Image ...
    • Can Third-Party Payment methods like Stripe be used as a payment method?

      Yes, third-party payment methods can be used with Oliver POS. Ask us how to setup the account with the third-party payment methods and we will help to get started. Or go to our payments page to get more details ...
    • How do I connect my Stripe terminal to Oliver POS?

      Step 1) Go to your Oliver Hub and add Stripe Terminal as a Payment by clicking on the Payment Types Tab > Add New and click the Add button under STRIPE TERMINAL from the list of Terminal Payments Step 2) Now go to the Stripe Terminal Dashboard  Click ...