How do I add custom discounts?

Learn how to add custom discounts in the Oliver Hub, the Web Register, and for individual products.

Creating Custom Discounts in Oliver Hub 
Customized discounts can be added in the Oliver Hub. Users can go to "Settings" and then select "Discounts". For example, in the GIF below we have added a 20% End of Season sale" discount and a $5 "Staff Discount". 

Add custom discount 1

Adding Custom Discounts in the Web Register 
These discounts can then be added to selected products from the Web Register as per requirement. To add the custom discounts from the Web Register, click on the desired product, click on "Add Discounts" and then you will be able to see the custom discounts that you have added. In the GIF below we have added the"$5 Employee discount" to the Black Hat and the "20% End of Sale" discount to the Blue-Medium Hoodie:

custom discount 2-1

Adding Custom Discounts with Individual Products  
Discounts can also be added when buying individual products. If a user clicks the individual product and then selects "Add" (see image below), they can add discounts in dollar amount or percentage amount or clear any existing discount.