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Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) printing with the Oliver Cloud Printer
Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) printing with the Oliver Cloud Printer

Print new WooCommerce orders as they are received with the Oliver Cloud Printer.

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Congratulations on your new Oliver Cloud Printer! By interfacing directly with your WooCommerce store via the Oliver Hub, our Cloud Printer is capable of printing new orders as they are received in your web store. Follow the steps below to get started!

Step 1: Connect your printer to the internet

LAN/ethernet model (ie: NT310)

  1. Locate the LAN port on the back of your new printer.
    Tip: The jack is the furthest one to the right, and is labelled with a symbol that looks like three squares connected by a line!

  2. Using an Ethernet cable (standard RJ45 type), connect the printer to your network by plugging it into the LAN port on the device that's connected to the internet, such as a modem, router, or modem-router combo.

  3. Verify that the printer is connected to the internet. On the top panel, the middle indicator light has a Cloud icon with a small arrow inside - this will show a blue light when your printer is online!

  4. Now you are ready to connect the device to the Oliver POS!

WiFi/bluetooth model (ie: NT212)

Note: A mobile device (Android or iOS) is required to connect a cloud printer model such as the NT212 to WiFi, as this secondary device serves as the interface to configure the printer's network connection.

  1. Turn on printer

  2. Download Sunmi Assistant from the Google/iOS app store

  3. Create an account with the Sunmi Assistant

  4. Once done, open Sunmi Assistant --> go to Device --> add device

  5. Choose the Cloud Printer thumbnail

  6. Input the serial number of the printer by Scanning the QR Code or manually typing the serial number listed at the bottom of the device.

  7. Choose the WiFi network, make sure you choose 2G Network

  8. Once WiFi is connected you should see the cloud printer in the device list. Once you can see the device in the list, that means it is now connected to the WiFi network

  9. Now that you are connected, click the device in the Sunmi assistant app, and unbind the device from the assistant. This step is important to connect to Oliver.

  10. Now you are ready to connect the device to the Oliver POS!

Step 2: Link the printer to your webshop in the Hub

  1. Log into your Oliver Hub admin dashboard -->

  2. Go to Settings --> Locations and click on the location name to open its settings:

  3. Next, select “Cloud Printer” from the left sidebar:

  4. Select “Add new” at the top right of the page:

  5. Fill out the form with the name and serial number, and make sure to select the receipt size that matches your printer's thermal paper roll.

  6. Click submit and you are done!

Step 3: Configure settings

By default, your Oliver Cloud Printer will only print receipt for orders placed in-store via the POS. To also print online orders as they come in via your webshop, we need to turn this feature on in the Hub.

Navigate to Settings --> General Settings and select General Details in the left sidebar. Scroll down to activate Print On Online Order (Cloud Print) and make sure to click Submit!

Receipt Preview (when printing from an online order)*

*Currently, receipts printed by the Oliver Cloud Printer for online orders do not show customer details or order notes. Those details can be accessed via WooCommerce/Oliver POS Register.

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