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Activating the Customer Display with the Oliver Elite
Activating the Customer Display with the Oliver Elite
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1. Hardware Settings

By default, the customer display is off. You can turn it on in the Hardware Settings after launching the Oliver POS app by selecting the gear icon (⚙) in the top left corner.

After turning Select CFD Mode to ON, you will first encounter a blank screen... Progress!

2. Upload Images

Navigate to Oliver HUB ( to upload the images you want to use for the customer facing display. These are set per Location, and will apply to any Registers that exist under that Location.

💡 TIP: We recommend accessing the Oliver HUB from the browser on a laptop or desktop computer, as certain settings are not available when accessed via web browser on the Oliver Elite.

To upload your assets, navigate to Settings --> Locations --> [click on Location name] --> Customer Facing Display.

  • Asset #1 should be your company logo. This is the default image that will show on the Elite when idle.

    • Width 1024px - Height 600px

  • Asset #2 should be your logo on the cart screen.

    • Width: 512px - Height: 560px

  • Asset #3 should be for your "Thank You" screen. This should be the same dimensions as your default image (Asset #1).

    • Width: 1024px - Height: 600px

Once you have your three assets uploaded, don't forget to click Submit!

3. Close and Relaunch

Now, launch the Oliver POS app on the Oliver Elite and sign in to your account. It will take a couple of seconds, after which your assets should be loaded into the customer display.

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