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Adding customers to a sale and editing customer info.

Your customers are already synced from your WooCommerce. Now it's time to create new customers on your Oliver POS Web Register. Learn how to manually create, edit, and add customers to sales.

To add customers you will first need to create new customers. This can happen when you install Oliver POS and it syncs your WooCommerce customers automatically with Oliver POS and/or you can manually add customers at several stages during a transaction in Oliver POS:

  1. Before starting a transaction, you can click the “New Customer” button under “Customer View” in the register page (sell.oliverpos.com)
  2. While adding products to your cart, you can click the “Add Customer” button in the register page and then click on “New Customer”
  3. During checking out, you can click “Add Customer” button in the checkout page and then click on “New Customer”

After clicking “New Customer” simply fill in all the customer details. You can even add personalized “Notes” for every customer. This can be their personal tastes and/or preferences, reminders about the customers for yourself, etc. Once this is done, just click “save and update”. You can now click on the “Add Customer to Sale” button to add the customer to the sale. A customer can be added during any of the stages of the transaction mentioned above.



Additionally, you can edit customer info details by clicking "Customer Details" in:

  1. The customer view list or
  2. from the checkout page